1 Year of Affirmations

I choose LOVE.

“Everything I see is either an act of Love or a call for Love.

I shine light upon the darkness,

and I bring joy to the surface.

Dropping drama and picking up love,

I can again claim happiness and peace within.

I choose to bring love to the situation

that tempts me to follow fear.

Love is my ultimate intention,

and so I choose to live in a loving world.”


New Year exciting you? Pushing you? Guiding you? Scaring you? Whatever 2019 may have in store, lets not forget the beautiful power we have of manifesting the reality that we choose to see.

Starting on Sunday, January 6th I will be posting a weekly affirmation that you can implement into your weekly routine. I will be sharing these affirmations on my blog, Facebook, Instagram, and have a Pinterest Board that you can follow along with. I encourage you to save the weekly image to your phone or computer and save it in a spot where you will be able to see it each day (home page, lock screen, social media page, etc.). An even better step you could take? Write out the weekly affirmation in a journal and start your day by reading the weekly affirmation out loud to yourself (or your loved ones, roommates, coworkers…). The idea is to hit all points of memory to improve the chances of recollection; writing, speaking, listening and reading. Not all people learn and recall information in the same way. Hitting all four aspects will allow your mind and body to better absorb the information it is being fed.

The intention of affirmations are to articulate and affirm your goals for the universe. Rather than starting your day hoping and wishing for certain expectations, you tell yourself (and the universe) exactly what you expect with no uncertain terms. The purpose of this is is to put yourself into a more positive headspace; manifesting and attracting the success and environment you choose to live in.

Not all the affirmations I share will have the same impact for everyone. That’s okay! This is why I have created an Affirmations Pinterest Board (check out my Chakras board for other inspirations, too) for you to follow – or to inspire you to create your own! The beautiful affirmations I will be sharing with you have come from CarlyMarie, a woman I have been following for quite some time – I highly recommend you checking her out! Her affirmations have helped manifest so much positivity in my life and I can’t wait to share the same joy with you.


With love,
Heidi MacAulay
“Eat more plants. Do more yoga. Read more books.”

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