Week 4: Clarity


Week 4
Every day that I wake, I am a new person ready for another journey. I am excited by this life that I have been given and I treasure my health, friends and family.

I have unlimited potential to create whatever life I wish for myself. The only limits I have, are the ones that I place on myself. Every experience I have in this life creates who I am. I allow myself to experience all of the emotions that arise in me and I go forward with ease and grace.

I have a crystal clear vision of where I want to go in my life.



Say it one more time, “I have crystal clear vision of where I want to go in my life.” We may not know what the future has in store and we may not know how things will end up, but we do know what feels right for ourselves and our future. I know that I want to be happy, healthy and financially stable – in whatever way it may present itself and whatever form it may take; I am fluid with what the universe presents to me and I am open to new transitions in my life. How can I manifest these positive affirmations into my life? By setting clear, defined boundaries and goals for myself and the relationship I cultivate around me.
When we feel anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted.. it’s a sign that our body is trying to send us a message. Usually, that we are not respecting our own boundaries and have strayed from our values and morals. Our bodies are not intended or designed to live in a constant “fight or flight” mode.
When we get clear and specific on what matters by eliminating options and aligning with our values, we are able to find clarity. What is your crystal clear vision of where you want to go in life? What personal boundaries are you not respecting? What burdens are you holding onto or carrying in from past experiences that may be preventing you from moving forward into your future?

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