Week 5: Friendship


Week 5
My positive and inspiring personality attracts kindred spirits into my life. The relationship that I have with my friends are lasting and meaningful. I treat my friends with love and kindness and I can always make time to spend with them. The relationships I have with any friends are balanced perfectly with both the giving and the receiving of support.

I never experience drama or stress in my relationships. My friendships are easy-going and relaxed. Having such amazing friends lift my spirits if I am ever feeling down. I am not concerned with the number of friendships that I have, but the quality of them.

I am blessed with incredibly loyal and loving friends. They are the family I have chosen for myself.



In a world where our status is defined by the number of Facebook friends we have, the number of likes we get on an Instagram photo, or the amount of ‘figures’ we make in a year, authentic friendships can [sadly] be hard to come by. Cultivating true, meaningful, healthy relationships with people requires not only vulnerability and trust but also clear boundaries and clarity around the type of environment you wish to grow in. Looking back at the last few affirmations on Personal Growth and Clarity, you mustn’t be scared to check in with yourself to see if the environment in which you surround yourself with on a daily basis is still serving you the best it can. Whether it be your work, family, friends, spouse.. Get clear and honest with the intentions of your relationships. Setting clear boundaries with yourself will attract the powerful, meaningful friendships that we all deserve to have. I encourage you to express to yourself [and your friends] the gratitude you have for having such valuable relationships in your life. ♥️


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