Week 6: Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

Week 6
I am an amazing creation of love. This body I have been given is a home to my spirit. This is the only body that I have and so I choose to nurture it with nutritious food.

I always listen to my body. I am gentle with it. I rest when I need to. I treat myself with kindness and love everyday. I take time to be still and silent often. I only ever speak positive words about my wonderful self.

I completely love, accept and respect myself at all times. I am a miracle. I am eternally loved. I am cared for. I am treasured. I am a beautiful spirit.

I love myself unconditionally and therefore I am able to love others unconditionally.



When reflecting on unconditional love, I encourage you to recognize that unconditional love first starts from within. Like attracts like; therefore, the love you show to yourself is the love that you will receive and give. However, you cannot pour from an empty cup, you must take care of yourself first before caring for others. Unconditional love can be shown in multiple ways; positive affirmations, nourishing ourselves with whole foods, speaking kindly and softly to ourselves, allowing us to feel all emotions, resting, exercising, brushing our teeth, sleeping.. allowing ourselves to just be. By loving ourselves unconditionally we in turn are able to love others. What ways are you already showing yourself unconditional love? What areas can you show yourself more unconditional love? 


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