Week 9: Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Week 9
We have placed love and peace in every corner of our home. It is a place of health, happiness and healing. Anybody who walks into our home feels welcome. The energy here is serene and harmonious.

In our home there is laughter and love, contentment and creativity. Compassion, generosity and honesty grows here. This home is open and fresh. It has a beautiful scent and the uplifting music we play creates a relaxing space for us all.

We are so grateful to live in such a beautiful, safe and warm house. We are blessed by the wonderful memories that have been created here.



What does your home mean to you? Personally, I believe a home should be an environment in which you feel safe, secure, happy and a sense of belonging. I feel that a home should be a reflection of yourself (or your family) and should be deeply, emotionally connected to your sense of well being; in other words, your safe place. What does you safe place look like to you? Is it a physical house, a place, or a space you like to go to? Do you feel safe in your home? I encourage you to make your living space a priority and to make it as comfortable, inviting and calming for yourself as possible. If you do not feel as though you can be comfortable and safe in your living situation, I encourage you to write down the areas of concern and areas of improvement. Perhaps this means moving, setting boundaries with those that you live with, incorporating a schedule in your home or something as simple as cleaning or redecorating! Having a healthy relationship with your home is such a key area for self-care and self-nourishment. Don’t take your living space for granted, you deserve to feel happy, safe and sound in your home.

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