Week 10: Sacred Path

Sacred Path

Week 10
My precious life is a sacred path of discovery. There are always forks in the road, but I am never lost, for I am simply exploring all of the wonderful twists and turns. I am so excited and grateful to be alive.

My heart is open to receiving all the joy in the universe. I am at peace with the unknowing of where my life will take me because I know that I am eternally loved and cared for.

My life is a messy story of perfect love. I live everyday with passion and courage. My time on this Earth has an amazing purpose and so I choose to live my life with great meaning.



My meditation mentor, Carly Forest, has a saying that goes something like this: “I trust the mysterious unfolding of my life.” I feel that this is quite fitting for this weeks affirmation. Letting our paths just be, and allowing ourselves to be open to the mysteries of our messy story of perfect love can allow us to leave room for all of the possibilities that the universe has in store for us. Yes, this can be painful and hard when our paths don’t seem to go the way we envisioned them. Have faith and place trust in yourself; you have a purpose. The universe has so much in store for you. Let go and have faith. 


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