Week 12: Compassion


Week 12
I am a compassionate being filled with love and kindness. I am an example of unconditional love to all those around me. I always look for the light in others and if I find myself wanting to judge another person, I recognize those feelings and I send that person my love instead. Everyday I grow more compassionate. My compassionate heart allows me to relate to others with peace, understanding, love and forgiveness.

I know that LOVE is always the answer.



I love the word compassion. Personally, I believe that compassion comes from a place of understanding as opposed to knowing. We may not know what another person is going through, but we can express compassion towards them when they behave in a way that may not make sense to you. Attempting to understand the reactions of others can help to dissolve anger and allow space for forgiveness when they have mistreated you. I like to believe the best in all people; whether I agree with their actions or opinions is besides the point. I firmly believe that we are all doing the best we can, with the knowledge that we have in the situation that we have been given. Expressing compassion towards others is important however, expressing compassion to ourselves is essential. We must show ourselves a little more love and compassion when we catch ourselves judging or mistreating our own soul. How have you shown yourself compassion today? Is this an area that you need to work on?

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.” – Buddha

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