Week 14: Protecting & Shielding

Protecting & Shielding

Week 14
I float peacefully with the current of my life. I do not try to swim against it. I may be a sensitive being, but that does not mean I am weak. I am like water – strong, soft and graceful.

If there is ever a time where I feel vulnerable because I have found myself in a difficult or uncomfortable situation, I have the ability to shield myself from harsh and negative energy. I visualize myself being covered in a protective glow of white light. I can choose who I let in to this light, therefore I can choose whether or not to give people power of my heart.

I am protective of my heart and spirit.



Recently, I have discovered that I am sensitive (whaaaat?!). Yes. Sensitive. I used to see this as a fault and I used to (attempt) to make myself seem tougher than I was. Being sensitive is not a weakness, in fact, I believe it is a strength. In a world where so many people are striving to be cold, tough and detached, being sensitive can be hard to come by. I don’t believe that me being sensitive is a sign of weakness, I use it as my armor. I’m compassionate when others expect me to be volatile. I’m kind when those have done me wrong. I set clear boundaries with the people I choose to have in my life and for that, I have respectful relationships with all those around me. Being sensitive is not a weakness, it is your superpower. Remember that and use it wisely. Set clear intentions and boundaries with those that you choose to let into your life; do not allow your superpower to be taken advantage of.

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