1-1 Seasonal Mindfulness Series 🌻

Seasonal Mentorship

🌿 To help you move mindfully & fluidly throughout each season by living more in tune with nature 🌿

This mentorship program is designed for those of you that are looking for ways to support the body nutritionally, physically, mentally and emotionally in each season; by helping to cultivate personal mindfulness, awareness and inner intuition while living in rhythm with the earth 🌲

What is it?

Monthly or biweekly sessions to chat:

    • Nutrition – how to source, eat, drink and cook according to your location, season & biochemical makeup
    • Lifestyle – seasonal understanding of how to move, work or play more in tune with where you live
    • Supplement, some Herbal & Essential Oil suggestions can be discussed, if interested
    • Recipes, Worksheets, Journal Prompts and Resources may be given via email
    • Support via email or text in between sessions to ask any follow up questions
    • Space and time to practice different yoga or mindful movements as well as meditation & breathing exercises at certain sessions (see below for details)

☀️ Each session will be catered to what your body may need at that moment; movement, stillness, conscious breathing, social nourishment, self-inquiry.. meeting virtually (video or phone call) we will evaluate where you are at to understand what we should focus on for that session and what we’ll check-in on at the next.

♥️ Everyone is welcome in this program; no matter your age, stage or gender. This series is approachable for anyone that is looking to re-trust their intuitive body by learning more about themselves, the earth, their community and how to cultivate a more sustainable, mindful, minimalist, life.


We will meet monthly for 1hr or bi-weekly for 30min – whatever works best for your schedule or depending on how often you would like support – to discuss ways to support your body optimally throughout each season.

Option 1: Investment for 1 year (all 4 seasons):
$1200 paid in full or 2 payments of $750

Option 2: Investment for 1 season (3 months):
$375 paid in full or $150/mo for 3 months


💛 Registration is now OPEN – there are currently only 5 spaces available for each season – click the link below to choose a time slo for your complimentary consult to discuss any questions and let’s get connected!! 🌞

See below for more details on my credentials or reach out to me (Heidi) HERE with any questions =)


With love,
Heidi MacAulay, R.H.N.
“Eat more plants. Do more yoga. Read more books.”
Learn more about me, my credentials or how to work with me here!

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