Anxiety Booklet



A Holistic Approach to Anxiety. This detailed booklet will include nutritional, lifestyle, supplemental, essential oil and yoga recommendations to support the body optimally with reducing, recovering or working through symptoms of Anxiety.


20+ page Booklet with easy to read point-form recommendations for:

    • Nutrition
      • Ways to eat when you have no appetite
      • Ingredients to focus on & minimize
      • Ways to eat locally, seasonally and why this can help
    • 3 Day Meal Plan including:
      • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Beverages along with
      • Tips to start & end your days
      • Meal-prep ideas
      • On-the-go ideas
      • Warm options (for the cold months)
      • Cold options (for the hot months)
    • Lifestyle
      • Understanding choices that can help and hinder
      • Cultivating healthier habits and how to adapt to alternatives
    • Self-Care
      • What it is and finding ways that fit your lifestyle
      • Understanding what physical, mental/intellectual, social/environmental, spiritual and emotional practices work best for you
    • Supplemental
      • Supplement suggestions are emphasized to get through diet unless the clients health care provider has deemed them safe to use. Please book a Q&A with myself and your health practitioner before buying or taking any of the supplements suggestions.
    • Essential Oils
      • Safe ways to use topically, aromatically & internally if safe to do so with free samples (if requested) for:
        • Anxiety
        • Social Anxiety
        • CNS Nervous Systeem
        • Nervous Fatigue
        • Indigestion/Nervousness
    • Yoga
      • Mindfulness practices
      • Meditation tips
      • Breathing exercises
      • Soothing yoga postures to practice


    • Follow Up
      • Ways to stay connected & work with me further
      • Free resources
      • Disclaimer


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