Essential Oil Gift Box



The ESSENTIAL OIL KIT was designed for those who want easy to use oils without the extra fuss. These oils are pre-blended for you with coconut & sweet almond carrier oil already added, ready to go.


    • Calming Blend for anxiety, stress or relaxation
    • Healing Blend for headaches, migraines or heat exhaustion
    • Skin Blend for wound healing, wrinkles & zit zapping
    • Sleepy Time Blend for insomnia, stress & restless nights
    • Soothing Blend for abdominal discomfort, cramps and sore muscles
    • Energizing Blend to help pick you up, energize and focus
    • Bad@ss Blend for the bad @ss babes to help motivate, empower & enlighten
    • Happy Blend for a blend to cheer & uplift anyone!

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Weight 1 kg


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