“Myself and my family have worked with Heidi for meal prep, meal planning, and nutritional consultation.  She’s top notch!  Super talented, well-researched, caring, and professional.  She’s always experimenting and pushing her knowledge, which helps her stay current and top of emerging trends.  For meal prep she always strikes a good balance between flavor and health, making absolutely stunning meals sourced from quality, local ingredients.
She’s helped me save a ton of time and get my energy up when I’m working long hours.  It’s a great idea to work with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist as most health professionals have very little actual nutrition training.  Heidi is a master of her craft and a delight to work with.  I highly recommend her!” – Drew B.

“Amazing recipes and health info very helpful and knowledgeable.” – Russel C.

“Sophrosyne Wellness mixes physical, spiritual and mental health so beautifully on her page. Her captions are full of knowledge, positivity, or both!” – Angelica I.

“A variety of ways you address today’s lifestyle and assist with solutions…. we all need to believe we are not alone. We all need to be encouraged to do what is necessary. Great presentation Heidi. your hard hours are very promising. Congratulations with my prayers & love.” – Dorothy V.




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