This traditional beverage, which originated in the mid-1700s in England, has been used for thousands of years. It was first known as a fermented alcoholic beverage made from sugar, ginger, water, and a starter culture known as ginger beer plant (we call this the “ginger bug”). Most Ginger Beers you find in the store these days have sadly been pasteurized, loaded with sugars and skipped out on the whole fermentation process, making them more of a ‘pop’ than a traditional, fermented, healthy, probiotic beverage.

Although it was considered an alcoholic beverage, our fermentation process does not allow it to become alcoholic (although with all fermentation there will be trace amounts of alcohol). All of our blends are consider non-alcoholic however great to use in mixes! Check out our Botanical Drink Recipes for some inspiration.

What makes our Ginger Beer so special is that it has two beautiful fermentation processes, blended together, allowing us to consider this powerful drink as a “Ginger Elixir.” Using two fermentation processes, increases the nutrient-dense quality of this drink and drastically increases the amount of probiotics and digestive enzymes comparably to it’s other fermented beverage friends such as Kombucha and Jun. Due to most Kombucha and Jun recipes using caffeinated teas and being sweetened with fruit juices, our Ginger Elixer beverage is a better alternative for those people looking for a caffeine-free probiotic beverage that is lower in sugar. With our dual-fermentaiton process, our elixir tends to have very little sugar quantities, higher amounts of bacteria strains and has other healing properties based on the flavour you choose (see below for a list of our seasonal flavours).

  • Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial
  • High in probiotics and digestive enzymes
  • Improve Digestion and treat chronic indigestion
  • Can help with menstrual pain and muscle pain
  • Increase Hydrochloric Acid production
  • Reduce Nausea
  • Reduces free radicals which can prevent cancer in the body
  • Improve cognitive function
  • May lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • Increase immunity and help fight infection
  • Improve bone mass which can help to prevent osteoporosis
  • Curb cravings
  • Gluten-Free
  • Organic
  • Unpasteurized
  • Raw
  • Handmade, Locally
  • Free of sulphites, preservatives and additives


  • O.G. – IN STOCK
    The Original Ginger Beer recipe. Great for any time of day and enjoyed all year round. Made simply with filtered water, local raw ginger (when available), raw cane sugar, lemon juice, and naturally carbonated using water kefir.
    We took the OG and infused it with locally grown turmeric. Perfect for the fall months, this blend is sure to boost your immune system and help fight inflammation in the body. Made simply with filtered water, local ginger (when available), local turmeric, cane sugar, lemon juice, and naturally carbonated using water kefir.
    Come summer time, we decided to get creative by infusing the OG blend with the beautiful hibiscus flower. LOADED with antioxidants, this gorgeous beverage is great to cool off with on a hot summers day or mixed with botanical cocktails. Made simply with filtered water, local ginger (when available), hibiscus tea, cane sugar, lemon juice, and naturally carbonated using water kefir.
    During the winter months, we came back to our roots of using medicinal mushrooms for their wonderful adaptogenic qualities. We decided to take the OG recipe and infuse it with medicinal mushrooms and true cinnamon to give it an earthy, root beer taste. Made simply with filtered water, local ginger (when available), locally harvested turkey tails, BC harvested chaga, reishi, true cinnamon, cane sugar, lemon juice, and naturally carbonated using water kefir.
  • Ideally, this fermented beverage should be consumed within 1 week of opening.
  • THIS PRODUCT MUST BE REFRIGERATED AT ALL TIMES as it is a living, unpasteurized, raw, fermented beverage. If kept at room temperature for too long, continual fermentation could happen and increased carbonation could cause the bottle to burst.
  • USE CAUTION WHEN OPENING. High carbonation is natural in the fermentation process and can cause the product to get extra feisty when opening.



Orders can be placed through the contact form below. I am currently accepting orders for weddings, markets, birthdays and events of all kind. Individual orders may be placed as well. Please let me know a month in advance if you would like me to attend and/or supply ginger beer for your next event! 🙂

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