SWELL Health: A WHOLEistic Approach to Mental Health

Sometimes, in the waves of change, we find our true direction… please welcome, SWELL Health 🤗

🌊 SWELL Health is the blending of Sophrosyne Wellness and birthing of a new exciting chapter that focuses on a WHOLEistic approach to mental health. The purpose of SWELL Health is to support the mind, body and soul optimally through mental, emotional, physical, environmental,  social and spiritual practices- the whole damn SWELL of it all!

💡 To learn more about the origins of Sophrosyne Wellness, where the name came from and the intent of starting this business, please click this link!

💙 SWELL Health is Facebook group that was created with the intent to provide free content that is shared in a safe and accessible place to offer support and education for others on their mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and social health journey.

🙏🏼 We will talk openly, compassionately and safely about emotions, feelings, mental health and ways to support your body, mind and spirit optimally, fluidly & efficiently through:

🍏 Recipes – to support optimal brain function, variety of food/bevys, ferments and more (hello gut/brain connection – we’re talking all about you here) as well as recognizing your relationship with food and bringing mindfulness back into your meals.

🤸🏼‍♀️ Yoga Sequences – for beginners with options to advance if that is available for you and your body. Generally focusing on therapeutic practices to help minimize, reduce or cope with anxiety, stress and depression. Somatics,  Hatha, Ashtanga,  Vinyasa, Yin and other style of practices will be shown.

🧘🏼‍♀️ Meditations, Mindfulness & Breath-work practices – for everyone, even those that have struggled in this area before! Teaching and talking about different tools to help reset the nervous system and bring your body back into homeostasis. A good place to start is trying the app: Insight Timer

📚 Book club – optional participation. Books will be beginner style and will focus on ethical and healthy living practices to help live a more mindful and calm life. Virtual, live discussions will be held monthly with options to attend or work on their own. The first book and beginning date is TBD.

💦 DIY recipes – working with essential oils and natural ingredients to create soothing and calming blends to incorporate into your home, work and daily lifestyle. We will discuss different ways to incorporate, replace or introduce healthier and sustainable options to support your body and environment.

🤓 Educational resources such as: tips, documentaries, books/audiobooks, music, podcasts, websites, articles, guests, mentors and more! For a list of current resources, click here!

👂🏼 INPUT! Please share your thoughts, experiences or make suggestions for tools/help you would like shared in this group… as this group is ultimately for YOU! All feedback is good feedback!

For more information or to join the Facebook Group CLICK HERE

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