• YOU LOVE FOOD but don’t want to make it.. 3 times a day.. every day.. for the rest of your LIFE
    • YOU’RE NOT REALLY A FAN OF GROCERY SHOPPING – like at all – you don’t even want to go NEAR those stores right now!
    • YOU WANT TO EAT HEALTHIER, BUT STILL HAVE IT TASTE GOOD, BUT HAVE NO IDEA WHERE TO START – I get it, making healthy food can feel intimidating! No one wants to eat dirt!
    • YOU WANT TO EAT, SUPPORT & BUY LOCAL but actually don’t know how to read labels or where to get the best local products for the best price?!
    • YOU LOVE COOKING but right now everything is just TOO MUCH, you’re too tired and simply need someone to nourish YOU for a change!
    • YOU HAVE SUPER PICKY KIDS, FRIENDS, FAMILY, LOVED ONES OR ROOMMATES and it’s REALLY annoying cooking for EVERYONES taste buds & preferences!!
    • YOU HAVE AN ABUNDANCE OF GARDEN GOODIES but NO TIME to ferment, dehydrate, can or preserve it all!!
    • YOU HAVE NEW, OLD or EXISTING DIETARY RESTRICTIONS that REALLY overwhelm you and you have NO IDEA where to start or WHAT RECIPES will actually taste good!….
I can help with all of that! As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, skilled and trained in Holistic Culinary Food Prep, I create nutrient-dense meals for busy people that care about fuelling their body optimally.


👉 From Ketogenic diets to Gluten-free, G.A.P.S Diets and Autoimmune Protocol diets, I create nourishing meals to help with all dietary restrictions. You can trust that your food will taste good and make you feel even better!



You leave for work with the house, fridge & freezer basically empty..

..maybe you have groceries already there, or maybe you don’t (yes, I can source & grab those for you, too!).. come home after yet another long, exhausting day and..

💥 BAM 💥

✅ QUICK & easy, batched prepped or individual serving sized meals made with LOCAL NUTRIENT DENSE FOOD cooked specific to your taste buds is WAITING for YOU 🤤

👉🏼 If you’ve been looking for the right time to try these services out, THIS IS YOUR SIGN 🪧 👈🏼

✅ NO MESS, no fuss & no dietary concerns; from Autoimmune Protocols to GAPS (Gut & Psychology Syndrome), Diabetics, Celiacs & more, I know how to make simple ingredients TASTE GOOD 👅

✅ Your meals, your house, your rules! Not concerned about organic.. vegan.. or gluten free food? I cook with all kinds! Let’s figure out what you or family needs help with & cater a menu specific to your lifestyle.

✅ HOURLY RATES – starting at $50/hr for a minimum of 3hr to a max of 8hrs – meaning the more freezer/fridge/pantry space, material & time I have with you, the more food you’ll get! And believe me when I say that I have a name in the industry for being able to pump out A LOT OF FOOD in a short amount of time using minimal ingredients 🪄

✅ CUSTOM MEAL PREPARATION with me can look a lot different than most! Training for an event coming up? I’m certified in Athletic Nutrition & have worked with Athletes! Need help with pantry organization? I got you!! (Virgo over here 😉 Picky kids? Yuppp, I know how that is! Looking for help with canning or preserving your end-of-the year garden? I can also help with that! Hoping for more sauces, spice blends, desserts, snacks or juice cleanses? Noooo problemooo

✅ From fermentation to dehydration & everything in between, I offer a truly unique service with a variety of skills, knowledge and training to help with ALL of your homesteading & kitchen needs.

💌 Text, email or book a FREE connection session on my website & let’s get chatting on how I can help YOU, your family, roommates or loved one.

Book FREE Connection Session HERE

🌟 Limited dates available in October HOWEVER— you can pay the deposit now & BOOK for a later date OR PURCHASE as a GIFT for a friend/loved one ANYTIME in October to take advantage of these savings! 🌟

👩🏼‍🍳 See you in the kitchen!

    • 3 – 5 MEAL SELECTIONS depending on how many hours you book and the type of food you are looking for. Prepped in reusable glassware for easy storage and cooking. Made into as MANY portions as I can POSSIBLY FIT into your fridge, freezer & containers- batch prepped or individual serving sizes depending on preference.
    • FRESH, FROZEN OR PRESERVED farm-to-table meals created specifically to you and your families dietary needs.
    • WHOLESOME, LOCAL, SEASONAL GOODNESS always made with fresh local foods that are either organic, non-GMO, unsprayed and/or ethically raised. I pick only the best ingredients from local farmers on the Saanich Penninsula to ensure that your food is free from preservatives, fillers, additives, and chemicals.
    • YOUR MEALS, YOUR RULES – you want a lot of healthy snack foods? No problem. Dessert? Great. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Sauces + Dressings? Sounds good! Let’s cook up some awesome recipes for you!
    • WANT TO SAVE MORE? Supply the groceries & materials to SAVE even more!!
    • STARTING AT $50/HR FOR A MINIMUM OF 3HR – click here to learn more


With love,
Heidi MacAulay, R.H.N.
“Eat more plants. Do more yoga. Read more books.”
Learn more about me, my credentials or how to work with me here!

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