Grocery Shopping Economically

S A T U R D A Y S are for organizing the pantry 🤓


I’m a big fan of zero waste and shopping economically. 🛒🌏

I try and buy almost EVERYTHING on sale – I’m literally that girl that freaks out and stocks up when her favourite supplement (or really anything) goes on sale. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Here are a few of my tips + tricks to keep it economical for your wallet 💵 and the earth. 🌏


    I can’t stand buying spices and flours in the small tiny packages from grocery stores – you’re just paying for the packaging! And there is so much waste! I LOVE buying everything I can in bulk – even my epsom salts for my bath! You can do this at almost every grocery store but my favourite way to buy in bulk is actually ONLINE! There are a lot of BC companies that offer wholesale pricing and can be orderd online! My top go-to would be:


    This is a huge one. Not only for the nutritional value + quality but for diversity and practicality! Do you really need to eat strawberries all year long? No! Enjoy them when in season and take advantage of the delicious flavours and affordable pricing! This is also a great way to get in-tune with your environment and eat what is fresh, local and available to you and your community.


    Yup!! I’m not saying drive all over town to find the best price for something (because that is NOT economical on your wallet or the earth!) however, when you see an item on sale while shopping, take advantage! Stock up or prioritize what you need. Or tap into your local stores to see if they have annual sales. Whole Foods Market Canada does an annual sales for supplements, make-up, etc. depending on the month and I always like to take advantage when possible! And this means your local farm stands, too! When produce is coming to the end of it’s season, it’s a great idea to call your local farmer to see if they have a surplus of items that you can buy at a discounted price to preserve or use! (see point #5 on preservation!)


    This again is another HUGE one! This goes hand in hand with buying seasonally. When you shop locally, you usually are shopping seasonally. I like to hit up our local farm stands because we have SO many to choose from and because I know that they will have only what is available to us locally and seasonally – and I save A LOT on my grocery bill shopping this way – and I know that my groceries haven’t been shipped half way around the world to get to me! Some off my favourites on the island are:


    This is something that I love to do personally – it’s fun, creative and interactive. When produce is in their peak season, I will wait to the end of their season and approach the farmers to buy in BULK and then PRESERVE! Doing it this way reduces costs, helps the farmer clear out their inventory and allows you to have local produce all year round. I like to can, freeze, dehydrate, bake, ferment and create sauces/spreads so that I can enjoy local produce at all times of the year.


    This is something a lot of us have gotten away from. Tapping into your community, neighbors, friends, family is great way to save. When I place an order with Organic Matters, I will ask friends and family if they need items so that we can split shipping and reduce waste. I also love to do trades with people! I make a lot of fermented goodies (as well as other items) and will trade homemade preserves for other peoples homemade goodies.

What are some of your favourite ways to save? Let me know in the comments below!

With love,
Heidi MacAulay
“Eat more plants. Do more yoga. Read more books.”

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