Wild Rose Lemonade

A quick, fun and simple refreshment to help support the cardiovascular system and give your heart centre a little extra lovin this lunar season.

Watch the full video on how to make HERE!

Recipe inspired by Ashley from Sky House Herbs and the podcast she did with her husband from Nightlight Astrology – listen to the full podcast for full health benefits for this recipe!

Herbal Wisdom on how to use these medicinal plants inspired by the Live Chat I had with Danielle from Growing Wild Apothecary (formerly Ground Up Essentials) and owner of Rising Sol Space on my business Instagram page for the monthly Wellness Wednesday all about Plant Medicine and how Nature Heals Us.

INGREDIENTS & instructions
    1. Start boiling water – *make sure it never FULLY boils though*
    2. Top up half a pitcher with ICE – usually about 2 cups
    3. Add your rose petals (or any tea of choice – dry or fresh!) – about 3 large tbsps
    4. Sprinkle some cinnamon (or any spices of choice) – about 2 tsps
      • I sometimes add my pumpkin spice blend or Himalayan salt for extra electrolytes / minerals /  nutritional benefits / flavour
    5. Add a few slices & squeezes of lemon – about 1/4 fresh lemon juice squeezed and 1/4 fresh lemon sliced
    6. Drizzle a little maple syrup or melted honey over the lemons – about 2 tbsps (optional)
    7. Fill up the pitcher with almost boiling water and let steep for about 10min or longer.
    • Enjoy this tea warm or cold! Store in the fridge or enjoy right away!
    • Enjoy as is (mocktail) or add a small amount of locally distilled gin with local grown botanicals for a crafty little botanical cocktail! You could even top it up with some homemade Fermented Soda to add some probiotics / more enzymes and make it a bit more of fizzy italian soda / punch lemonade.


With love,
Heidi MacAulay, R.H.N.
“Eat more plants. Do more yoga. Read more books.”
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