Ways to Recover Optimally after Energy Exertion

How’s everyone feeling after yesterday?

🧘🏼‍♀️ A little sore from yoga?
💃🏼 Or dance?
⚡️ Or a little more thirsty after all that beautiful energy work?

Good! That means we got the blood pumpin and those meridians open, activated & stimulated.

I’ve shared these in the SWELL Health Facebook Group before so you may have gotten a preview of this list before BUT here are a few of my favourite ways to support the body in recovering optimally after energy exertion:

  • ✨ Make sure to stay hydrated ✨
    • Ideally with clean, pure and/or filtered water (chlorine/carbon dioxide can dehydrate the muscles/body). Try adding a pinch of Himalayan salt or an electrolyte for extra benefits/optimal absorption.


  • ✨ Epsom salt or MSM bubble baths ✨
    • Followed by soothing massages (self-msasage or with aa partner – see website for details), body brushing or lymphatic massages using oils.


  • ✨ Light stretching, walking or nourishing movements of any kind- even if it hurts a little! ✨
    • That’s good! It means you did something! Stagnation after a workout can tense up the muscles and cause spasms or delay in recovery.




  • ✨ Food to focus on ✨
    • Local, whole ingredients high in Quality Protein (amino acids) and COMPLEX carbohydrates are your BEST friends for optimal recovery- yay! Just in time for cozy season. Focus on local, seasonal and ethical foods high in vitamin C, D, zinc and EFAs (essential fatty acids). Think yams, beans, lentils, cruciferous veggies, citrus fruit, turmeric/roots/herbs, tofu, tempeh, fermented foods, spirulina, wild seafood/shellfish/seaweed, wild game/meat, quality butter/ghee, free-range eggs… alll the quality comfort food!!


  • ✨ Supplements to consider ✨
    • **if safe, please consult your health practitioner.** Ideally focus on foods high in these nutrients: Vitamin A, C, D, high quality EFAs, collagen, antioxidants, quality amino acids, glutamine on an empty stomach (can help with sleep, repairing gut lining & digestive issues as well), zinc/magnesium before bed (also helps with sleep) and curcumin/turmeric (GREAT for reducing inflammation).
Happy Sunday and happy recovery!! Enjoy the cozy snow day if you got it! ❄️

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