10 Tips for Quality Sleep

I had such a phenomenal sleep last night and although I’m usually a pretty good sleeper, lately, it’s been hit and miss!

So I thought I’d share what I did different and give a few tips for those that could use a good sleep..

    • Right now I’m not drinking which I KNOW disrupts my sleep because I usually have it in the evening & it crosses the blood brain barrier so that is a BIG one for me!
    • I’m exercising & meditating daily again – I love ebbing and flowing with routines but I know that if I’m not stimulating & feeding my mind/body/soul with quality healthy “food” during the day then I will have excess energy & stimulation in the evening!
    • I DIDN’T snack or eat chocolate late at night!.. I got into a bad habit of this over the holidays which is hard to get out of!! So that felt HARD but GOOD.
    • I practiced proper hygiene– drank herbal tea while relaxing before bed with dimmed lights, got into some silky PJs, washed my face, flossed, brushed and felt sooo refreshed & ready for bed.
    • Even though I felt ready for bed I still had some anxiety come up so I practiced simple breathing when I was laying in bed and went through a somatics exercise to let my body feel safe & supported.
    1. No screens 1hr before bed
    2. No work 2hrs before bed
    3. No food 3hrs before bed
      (3-2-1 BED method – keep it simple, follow your instincts)
    4. Avoid caffeine/stimulants in the afternoon/evening
    5. Practice healthy bedtime routines and use somatics / breath to ground you (3-6-9 breathing method or sensory somatics can work well)
    6. Sip on herbal teas 1-2hrs before bed such as chamomile, lavender, CBD, valerian, tulsi.. I also make & sell a sleepy-time tea
    7. Diffuse or use essential oils, incense, candles etc. to set the mood, dim the lights & prepare for bed. Try some light stretching/yoga, breathing, meditation and use smells such as be lavender, vetiver, serenity, myrrh or frankincense.
    8. Supplements to try using before 1hr before bed could be: magnesium, zinc, reishi, glutamine or CBD – always consult your healthcare team before taking new supplements
    9. Brain dump- journal or get all your worries out of your mind & onto your paper. It’s generally suggested not to have intense or heavy conversations/interactions before bed. Also avoid heavy or intense shows, sounds, environments, etc.
    10. Taking a bubble bath with Epsom salts/bath salts, oils, candles or practicing massages (either with a partner or solo). Focus on the feet, lower back, shoulders & neck.
Still need some extra support?

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